The VR TECH was founded in 2006, initially as an individual company of its founder member Raffaele Vivolo, who decided to start his own business after more than 7 years of expertise as employee in this sector. From the outset, the firm has been supplying skilled labour for the installation of aluminium windows and doors and high-end furnishings.

Thanks to his perseverance, but also the quality and reliability of his work, he is able to constantly expand the market and deeply specialize in metal carpentry, industrial doors, automatic doors, automatic steel doors for refrigerators, metal cladding. This allows the company to work with some of the most important and qualified Italian companies of this sector, both nationally and internationally.

The VR TECH today is a society with solid foundation and in continuous evolution and growth. Its valid know-how assures the customer the execution of a high-quality work, in compliance with all the rules necessary to guarantee safety and in accordance with the pre-scheduled timing.

Its workforce consists of 12 people an has the skills and capabilities to deal with the most varied types of work, with contracts starting from 10,000 euros up to 1,000,000 euros.

The winning element of VR TECH is a team of highly specialized and constantly trained installers, able to guarantee a perfect work.